Pay for Services

On this page you can pay your invoices or you COD. Just enter the invoice number and the amount. If you are paying several invoices you should put your account number in notes.

If you are paying a cod put the ticket number and the amount.

  1. Input your invoice number(s) and Complete Name
  2. Click on “Pay Now”
  3. When it goes to the PayPal webpage, just enter the Item Price (total you are paying) on the left side of the page
  4. Enter the credit card information on the right side of the page and on “Notes” just write down your account number.
  5. Click the “Pay” button
  6. After payment is processed, you will get a payment confirmation via email

Invoice Number
Complete Name

Thank you

Note: You can pay with Paypal if you have an account or with a credit card using the option: “Don’t have a paypal account?”

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