Our Services


Pick up and delivery by 5pm same day. Place the order online and relax, Dotexpress will make sure it is delivered the same day.


Pick up and delivery in less than 3 hours. If you need your package to get to it's destination fast, use the Rush service. It will be picked up and delivered in less than 3 hrs. Guaranteed!


You need a pick up in several places and have them all brought to you? Don’t worry, let our staff program the routes based on the number of stops and assigned the required number drivers to deliver each meal, each package on time, every time.


Don't stand in long lines or take long drives to run an errand that will take you away from your most important work. Dade County recordings, Tax Collector payments, tickets pick ups at will call. Maybe you just need something from a store, you order it, we pick it up and take it to you. That simple!

Ready-Made Meal Deliveries

You need to deliver 80 meals 3 times a week to your clients? No problem. Our price point strategy allows you to grow in your market, not having to worry about the deliveries. We delivered over 120,000 ready-made meals in 2017 alone.

Logistic Support

Continue to use your drivers, you have control. Let Dotexpress provide you with planning, routing, manifest for internal control, proof of delivery, access to back up drivers with a short notice, amongst other things. All for cents per name.

Scheduled Deliveries

Do you need to pick up or deliver something every Tuesday? Every other Wednesday or everyday in the afternoon? Use the Scheduled service and take advantage of the reliability of Dotexpress to be there every time for the pick up and the delivery.

Seasonal deliveries

Seasonal deliveries service like gifts, flowers.

Logistic Support Services

Let 17 years of experience take control of your delivery process, with your drivers (), your costs, only for cents per delivery(*) you will have systems and a staff of people that will enhance your delivery operation significantly:

  • Route Administration
    • Uploading and geocoding validation of destinations
    • Optimizing areas and routes for most efficient times
    • Optimizing delivery times
  • Manifest preparation for staging
  • Route Manifest preparation for drivers
  • Confirmation of deliveries
    • Proof of delivery storage for up to 90 days
  • Route reports that will let you fine tune your marketing efforts
    • Per client delivery data
    • Cycle analysis data
    • Density analysis data
  • Access to back up drivers with short notice
    • To cover sick drivers, drivers that go on vacation

Let us run an operation diagnosis and present you with a quote that will improve your delivery operation.

  • Execution of the routes, adherence to routes and actual delivery performance is responsibility of client.
  • price per name

We provides our best services for our clients.