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SuperSaver : Call the day before or before 10:00am the same day. – ( Accounts must be up to date)

• One way delivery
• Up to 5 lbs.
• Package needs to be ready when called.
• Destination must be open until 5pm. (more…)

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If you want to be part of one of the best courier company of South Florida please feel free to contact us at :

Or send your resume to:

DOTexpress, Corp.
PO BOX 960129
Miami, Fl 33296-0129

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Volume Discounts Agreements

By providing a certain volume of deliveries per week, you will receive a special pricing.
We will use the first week as a test run, after that, we’ll send you a proposal with the rates and services to best assure pricing and efficiency for both your company and DOTexpress. (more…)

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