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Regular : Pick up and delivery by 5pm SAME DAY (1)

Rush : Pick up and delivery in less than 3 hours (2)


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Looking for Drivers:

Right now we are looking for independent drivers that can work on and off as deliveries come up in the dispatching pool. If you are available, you select it and its gets dispatched to you, you do it and you get uo to 60% of the delivery price. All you need is some time off, a reliable vehicle and an iphone for the app.

Interested? Please write to us at  jobs@dotexpresscorp.com

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News & Release

Volume Discounts Agreements

By providing a certain volume of deliveries per week, you will receive a special pricing.
We will use the first week as a test run, after that, we’ll send you a proposal with the rates and services to best assure pricing and efficiency for both your company and DOTexpress. (more…)

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